Thursday, 28 February 2013


"The outside is not a fixed limit but a moving matter animated by peristaltic movements, folds and foldings that together make up an inside: they are not something other than the outside, but precisely the inside of the outside."
"Thus a continuous labyrinth is not a line dissolving into independent points, as flowing sand might dissolve into grains, but resembles a sheet of paper divided into infinite folds or separated into bending movements, each one determined by the consistent or conspiring surrounding… A fold is always folded within a fold, like a cavern in a cavern."

Quotations from Deleuze, Gilles. “The Fold-Leibniz and the Baroque: The Pleats of Matter.” Architectural Design Profile No.102: Folding in Architecture (1993): 18

This project is an exploration into the continuous act of folding, evolving and growing. It is a site specific drawing in a long, concertina style folded book which will evolve throughout the duration of the exhibition but never fully reach a point of completion. The drawn imagery is derived from folded objects: fabric, paper, tape, wire and so on which are all in a process of change and mutation. They might be seen as objects to be discarded or thrown away, which have been looked at again in a new way and revived by the alchemy of drawing.

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